Semèle – Montefalco Sagrantino Passito DOCG

A wine born from our childhood memories when it was drunk during Easter meal with lamb and it was used as a tonic together with beaten egg yolk.
We have been the first going back to a low sugar residual; today we have received dozens of international awards.

SOILclayey, sandy, lacustrine
TRAINING SYSTEMspurred cordon
CROPPING LEVEL ACCORDING TO DOCG REGULATIONS80 quintals equal to 112.000 bottles
REAL PRODUCTION20.000 bottles
GRAPE HARVESThand picking in cases
SELECTION OF BUMCHES AND GRAPEShand selection through three vibrating tables
AGEINGStainless steel vat, cask and glass for 4 years.
AGEING POTENTIAL10 – 15 years.
ALCOHOL CONTENT14,5 % alc./vol.

Sagrantino grapes are dried on rush mats on a place where we recreate temperature, humidity and ventilation of the best six vintages of the last forty years.

Fermentation is made on the skin under controlled temperature, the ageing is very long made in oak barrels and then it ages in bottles of 0,375 liters.

The colour is an intense ruby red, impenetrable, this wine has a remarkable concentration.

The aroma is rich: bramble jelly, figs and dried apricot, candied orange peel, balsamic and charred notes, vanilla, cinnamon, bitter chocolate, coffee.

The contrast between sweetness and tannin content fully represents the ancient tradition of Montefalco vinification. The wine is well-balanced, lingering, full-bodied.

Very leisurely, well-orchestrated and not cloying.

Traditionally matched with lamb. It is perfect with aged cheese, dark bitter chocolate, tart made with our marmalade of Sagrantino grapes.