Sagrantino is a multifaceted grape variety, with the highest number of polyphenols among grape varieties known in the World, with harsh tannins which can be mitigated only with a long ageing in glass.
We age it 5 years rather than 3 years, proposing a ready wine.

SOILclayey, sandy, lacustrine
TRAINING SYSTEMspurred cordon
CROPPING LEVEL ACCORDING TO DOCG REGULATIONS80 quintals equal to 104.000 bottles
REAL PRODUCTION25.000 bottles
GRAPE HARVESThand picking in cases
SELECTION OF BUMCHES AND GRAPEShand selection through three vibrating tables
AGEINGStainless steel vat, cask and glass for 5 years.
ALCOHOL CONTENT15,0 % alc./vol.

Pre-fermentation cold maceration aim to extract sweet tannins, an essential prerogative for Sagrantino grapes. Fermentation is made under constant temperature through a modern system of temperature respecting tradition; pumpovers are frequent during the first days. After the first racking, wine settles inside stainless steel vats for few days, before going inside the barriques where it starts malolactic fermentation. Then it goes in big cask and starts ageing in bottle.

The colour, ruby red, is very intense, impenetrable by light, solid.

The bouquet is well-developed: from bramble jelly, varietal expression of Sagrantino, to black pepper, through vegetal facets, notes of cocoa, coffee, balsamic hints, pipe tobacco.

In mouth you can feel the strength of this wine, freshness is remarkable and tannin is standing ready to face a long ageing. Soft, like all the wines of the company, it has a sweet finish and an unforgettable length.

Matched with structured dishes, red meat, game. It is a perfect companion of meditation even alone.