Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC

A “Reserve” for the most demanding palates, but it stand comparison with the best red wines in the World. Only the poor communication confines this wine to “Cinderella” of the Umbrian wine scene

SOILclayey, sandy, lacustrine
TRAINING SYSTEMspurred cordon
CROPPING LEVEL ACCORDING TO DOCG REGULATIONS110 quintals equal to 164.000 bottles
REAL PRODUCTION8.800 bottles
GRAPESSangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet and autochthonous vine of the territory
GRAPE HARVESThand picking in cases
SELECTION OF BUMCHES AND GRAPEShand selection through three vibrating tables
AGEINGStainless steel vat, cask and glass for 4 years.
AGEING POTENTIAL10 – 15 years.
ALCOHOL CONTENT14,5 % alc./vol.

Fermentation is made under controlled temperature, preceded by pre fermentation cold maceration through the best third millennium technologies respecting tradition. After the first racking, wine starts settling in stainless steel vats. Afterwards, it starts malolactic fermentation in cask before entering in barrel and in a long ageing in bottle.

The colour is an intense ruby red.

The aroma is evolved: bramble and wild berries jelly, cherries, bottled black cherries and dried wild cherries. There is a complex spicy note due to the autochthonous vine of the territory and to the ageing in big cask. In this wine you can also find a firm toasting and a scent of tobacco and vanilla.

Acidity is brilliant, tannin is well integrated and smooth; softness and pseudo-caloric sensation, give a pleasant harmony to this wine.

It matches perfectly with red meat, game, cold cuts and aged cheese.


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